Security and Encryption Services

Safemarket's team is highly qualified to provide you with security & encryption services for your website or your business' data. For instance, we are able to:

  • Generate secure verifiable random numbers, best for contests, sweepstakes etc (℗ Patent Pending)
  • Protect your transactions and your clients personal information (SSL, Customizable Hybrid Encryption Systems)
  • Sysadmin Services for Web/Database/Application Servers (Linux, Windows Servers)
  • Provide distributed back-up solutions (automated or not)
  • Develop customized encryption and digital signature algorithms (Identity-Based Encryption, Certificatelesss Encryption, Multi-Party Encryption, Hybrid Protocols)
  • Develop timed-release encryption applications, where the resulting encrypted text cannot be decrypted by anyone, including the designated recipient(s), until a predetermined future time (“sending information into the future”).
  • Design and setup secure e-voting, e-contest and e-auction schemes and infrastructures
  • Develop protocols and algorithms for advanced crypto-currencies (Proof of Stake, Proof of Work)