Artificial Intelligence

Our R&D team has expertise and hands-on experience in a broad set of AI-based tools applicable to the design and development process. These include:

  • Neural Networks (Java, C++, WEKA, Matlab) 
  • Genetic Algorithms (Java, Javascript)
  • Decision Trees (Java, C++, WEKA)
  • Natural Language Processing (OpenNLP, Stanford NLP, LingPipe)
  • Text-Mining and Semantic Analysis (Java, RDF)
  • Data extranction and Sentimental Analysis (LingPipe, JSoup, Java, Javascript)
  • Data-Mining (SQL, Java, RDF)
  • Computer Vision (OpenCV)
  • Graph Theory (Neo4J, RDF)
  • Planning Algorithms (Java, C++)
  • Recommendation Systems (Mahout)
  • Distributed Computing / Clustering (Pig, Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, Hazelcast)
  • Advanced Searching and Indexing (Lucene, Solr, Kibana, Redis)